About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting! My goal is to provide an opportunity for individuals to have a space to be able to discuss issues around diversity, equity and inclusion in a meaningful way. I hold an MBA, a certified coach, and serve as a diversity and inclusion professional in the field of higher education.  I specialize in one on one and small group facilitation as I have found it to be more effective for engaging in this work.  Diversity, equity and inclusion are topics for everyone, and will aid us in being better communicators and leaders. With that said, I do not believe everyone is going to be an activist but it is imperative to our social development as humans to understand difference and promote a sense of acceptance and belonging in whatever spaces we occupy. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and it is not my intent to change them. My role is to help you gain new perspectives and for you to decide how to best navigate your personal experiences while acknowledging the experiences of others.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about where you are, what questions you have, and knowing you as an individual.  Email me at giveyourselfgrace@lilyotu.com